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DDChr - ReadMe

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DDChr - ReadMe Empty DDChr - ReadMe

Post  Khristos on 2016-08-21, 6:03 am


UPDATES as of 2016-08-21 v1.2.5



*Expanded Character References to include Character Listviews, Charcter Equipment, and Character Modifiers references for querying.

*Added new customized Winsock routine for controlling "Chat" connections. This provides core functionality for DM, Party, and Party Member communication. This is a simple text based chat to allow messages to be sent between each other.

*User Interface refinement and code optimization.

*Major and minor bug fixes.

-- New Features --

*Added new form to provide new features, "Chat". This will bring new functionality  and provide a simple built-in text based chat system for the DM and Party. As the DM, a new private chat is opened each time a Party Member connects.

*DM - This chat tab provides two features. As the DM, private notes can be saved here. As DM notes, these messages will not be shared with any of the connected party members. As a Party Member, this serves as your open line to speak with the DM personally and privately.

*Party - This chat tab allows the DM and Party to converse openly with each other. Messages can be seen and responded to by all connected parties.
!!!Small bug causes duplicated messages when sent by DM!!!

*  + - This chat tab will prompt to open a chat with another player from a list of available Party Members. These chats are restricted to the involved Party Members, but can be seen and read as the DM in each Party Member's private chat tab.

*Expanded DM Settings - Now includes "Turn Counter Integration".

*Turn Counter Integration - This setting will allow the DM to enable new Turn Counter. By connecting the "Turn Counter" add-in, the DM will control progression of events, actions, combat, and movement.


UPDATES as of 2016-02-13 v1.2.3



*Completed code optimizations for using new Character Referencing methods.

*Updated Equipment References for new method of selection and updating. This has allowed for more efficient way of referencing Character Equipment modeled after the Character Reference routines.

*Updated Modifier References for new method of calculating and updating. This has allowed for more efficient way of referencing Character Modifiers modeled after the Character Reference routines.

*Expanded and refined error handling and logging. Output can be found in "debug.txt" logfile of time of error, error number, error description, call stack, and  controls involved as well as any additional information.

*Refined Socket handling and message flow, improved processing and response, implemented and expanded error handling and connection control.

*Major and minor bug fixes.


UPDATES as of 2015-11-28 v1.2.1



*Updated Character References for new method of selection and updating. This has
drastically reduced use of control arrays, reduced program size and memory consumption, and allowed for smoother "switching" and updating  of Character Sheet references.

*Fixed bugs with Trade Sockets that halted flow of trade. Fixed bugs with items
available in Inventory for Trade.

*Updated and optimized Reference routines. Reading input from reference files is
now more modular and universal; however, requires specific formatting of reference files.

-- New Features --

*Added new reference list for Equipment and calculations based on Equipment

*Added new menu to enable "Debug". This run mode will expand the "Main" and "Party" forms to show extra debug information including loaded Reference tables,
"Party Info" reference tables and Socket send and receive data.

*Added new forms to provide new features, "Action", "View Sheet". These will bring new functionality and opportunities for expanded utilization and customization.

*Action - This form will be focal point during encounters. This will allow the  party to monitor each other quickly and select actions specific to Movement, Abilities, Spells, and Targets. Actions selected will be sent to the DM for action queuing.

*View Sheet - An instance of this form is generated every time the DM selects "View Sheet" by right-clicking a party member in "Party Info". This will collect a "copy" of the selected party member's Character Sheet for the DM to view.

*Expanded DM Settings - Now includes "Equipment" and "Map" settings.

*Equipment - This setting will allow the DM to specify Equipment restrictions based on time periods.

*Map !!!EXPERIMENTAL!!! - The setting will set and load a customized map for the 
DM and Party to visualize their basic surroundings. It is currently required to load a map, but many of the position and encounter routines are still in early stages of development.


UPDATES as of 2015-11-20 v1.1.9



*Fixed bugs with character leveling, particulary for Multi-Class characters

*Added new reference list for THACO calculations and new routines for calculating
class-specific THACO level progression.

*Began compartmentalizing modifier routines for D&D edition specific rule sets.

*Added customized Winsock routines for controlling socket connections. These provide
core functionality for server/client networking and client/client networking. This will allow users to connect in LAN and internet environments for running campaigns with a Designated DM. Provides "Party Info" and "Trade" features.

*User Interface cleanup and code optimization.

-- New Features --

*Added new forms to provide new features, "DM Settings", "Party Info", "Character Stats", and "Trade". These will bring new functionality and opportunities for expanded
utilization and customization.

*DM Settings - Allows the DM to change campaign settings for players in a party and
currently only apply to how Character Stats are generated, but will eventually host more options. The Designated DM will be prompted to select these settings.

*Roll Method - Die roll method for generating stats. Currently only "4d6/Drop Lowest".

*Allow Re-Rolls - Check to enable players to re-roll stats

*Limited/Re-Rolls All Stats - Allow players a limited amount of re-rolls. Re-rolls all stats.

*Limited/Re-Rolls Per Stat - Allow players a limited amount of re-rolls for each stat.
Players select which stats to re-roll.

*Unlimited/Re-Rolls All Stats - Allow players unlimited re-rolls. Re-rolls all stats.

*Unlimited/Re-Rolls Per Stat - Allow Players unlimited re-rolls for each stat.
Players select stat to re-roll.

*Party Info - Displayed when DDChr is Designated DM and when a client joins a party.
Currently 2 sets of information are displayed for the DM and players, "Die Rolls" and "Party Info".

*Die Rolls - Displays all player character die rolls for the session. (Players do not get to see DM die rolls)

*Party Info - Displays general information for each player character connected to
the session. This includes player name, health, class, armor class, THACO, level, title and connected status.

*Character Stats - Displayed once a new player character has been created. This will give an overview of the stat rolls generated when the character was created, show
re-rolls remaining, and allow the player to re-roll stats if the Designated DM has enabled this option.

*NOTE : Re-rolling stats is currently only available for player characters who are members of a party and are connected to a Designated DM.

*Trade !!!EXPERIMENTAL!!! - Will allow player characters to connect with one another and trade inventory items and gold. This has not been tested fully as this feature
cannot be used on a single computer. This is a networked feature ONLY!

-- What Needs Testing --

*Practically everything within DDChr still needs rigorous testing. Primary focus should
be on Character Sheets and Character lifecycles (adding XP, modifying stats, adding
Inventory items, leveling up, ensuring Abilities and Spells are added and accurate).
Also of great importance is testing the core server/client functions (connecting and
passing data, ensuring passed data is accurate, ability to network multiple clients,
testing network functionality over LAN and internet, testing the client/client network
for trading).


UPDATES as of 2015-11-11 v1.1.7



*Added new "Tool" menu implementing "Die Roller".

*Added "Languages" to Character Sheet. Will allow players to keep track of learned languages.

*Added "Equipment" to Character Sheet. Will allow for "equipping" of inventory items for stat modifiers.

*Refined character Ability Limits and populating of Class and Stat specific Abilities.

*Refined Multi-Class character routines.

*Refined stat modifiers.

-- New Features --

*Die Roller - Die Roller allows players to manually roll dice (d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, d4, d00) and track results and roll history for the session. All stat rolls are performed via the Die Roller.

*Stat Rolls - Character Stats (excluding A/C, THACO, and Gold) are automatically rolled when a new character is created. These rolls can be reviewed in the Die Roller.

*Equipment !!!EXPERIMENTAL!!! - Allows players to "equip" inventory items to gain their respective stat modifiers. This currently requires notes to be added to the desired inventory item in a very specific (not user-intuitive) manner and thus requires further refinement.


UPDATES as of 2015-11-11 v1.1.5



*Expanded basic code structure.

*Main menu design completed.

*Basic Navigation code completed.

*Completed implementing routines for loading reference files.

*Began implementation for selecting D&D editions 1-3 for reference.

-- New Features --

*Reference Interface functional with sample reference data. Reference includes Race stacks, Race stats, Class descriptions, Class stats, Class XP tables, Attribute descriptions, Attribute modifiers, Spells, Spell descriptions.

*Character Sheet layout completed.

*Implemented multiple Character Sheet functionality.

*Implemented Multi-Class character functionality.

*Character Sheet functional with manual stat entry. Sheets can be saved, loaded, and cleared. Sheets include Character Stats, Inventory, and Abilities.

*Began expanding stat modifiers.


                                UPDATES as of 2015-11-11 v1.1.3



*Basic User Interface design completed.

*Expanded basic code structure.

*Began main menu design.

*Reference Interface layout completed.

*Began Character Sheet layout.


                                UPDATES as of 2015-07-26 v1.1.1



*Began Basic User Interface design.

*Began basic code structure.

*Began Reference Interface layout.

**     I hope this has explained everything to a satisfactory degree                        **
**    Any Comments/Concerns/Suggestions feel free to email me                           **


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