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Post  Khristos on 2012-09-29, 12:34 am


UPDATES as of 2012-10-02


*Fixed a few other bugs withe the Automatic Update

*Added a "Collect" routine to navigate to the Collect from all slaves page. You wille
still have to actually click the "Collect" button. I am attempting to get a
direct POST to work so Slave Daemon will not even have to navigate to the page
(I knowe it does work, I have Fiddler and have replayed the POST several times
to collect from my slaves)

*Fixed bugs withe parsing slave information, Slave Daemon wille nowe update the IP lists
by removing passwords for slaves whenever you are notified a slave has been lost

*Completely re-coded the Upload feature, this wille nowe correctly move through your slave
list finding slaves that do not have a virus for the selected virus option, it
wille then login into the slave and upload the selected virus, editing the log
as it goes. Once finished withe one slave it wille proceed to find the next
slave that does not have the specified virus.

!!!PLEASE NOTE!!! Unless absolutely necessary, DO NOT navigate to another page
while in this process! The Upload button wille continue to be disabled and Slave
Daemon wille need to be closed to restore the functionality of the Upload button


--What Needs Testing --

*I need a courageous DDoSer that can let me know whether the DDoS functions for Slave
Daemon work. This involves installing the DDoS virus (using both upload methods,
just logging in with the VDDoS option checked and using the Upload button),
launching a DDoS successfully using the Launch DDoS option, and verifying that
Slave Daemon saves the results (please email me the ddos_results.txt file)


UPDATES as of 2012-09-27


*The Automatic update feature of Slave Daemon has been re-vamped to accomadate the
new website structure

*Script Error Popups have now been suppressed as they greatly reduced the
effectiveness of using Slave Daemon

-- What Still Doesn't Work --

*I wish I knewe. I need testers, testers willing to put the time into using Slave Daemon
that I cannot at the moment. Slave Daemon has gotten too big at this point for me
to test every feature alone. If interested email me, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], and
I will gladly provide a copy of Slave Daemon that does not require registration
as compensation for your time.


UPDATE as of 2009-06-28


*Corrected the IP parsing feature, Slave Daemon is once againe capable of retrieving your
IP from SlaveHack. I did; however, leave the user edit feature in place shoulde
this not be the case once againe.

*Corrected the final linking features to make SD's navigation functional againe. Any
problems do not hesitate to contact me. I need to knowe as soon as possible, but I
have been testing this the heaviest of all the updates and it seems that alle is
in good order againe.

*Corrected registration issues. This means that you will once againe have to register SD
withe the registration key I emailed you. Hopefully however, this means that it
wille be the last time you have to do this, from nowe on SD shoulde carry its
registration key over withe a new update.

*On the topic of updates, a newe feature has been added, SD will check my website for
updates when it is first started. This is a beta feature, any issues please
post them on the forums or email me immediately. I haven't been able to test
this feature thoroughly yet.

*Vista users rejoice. SDv3 Install no longer attempts to register the ocx files needed
for SD which produced a "Registeration of ___.ocx Failed!" and SD always gave
the "Component Missing" error. Instead the installer wille copy these files
to the installation directory for SD allowing SD to use them from its root

-- What Still Doesn't Work --

*The Auto-Login, withe the changes to the links and layout of SlaveHack, this option seems
to do nothing. It is a possibility that it wille be removed in the next build, I
will wait for feedback on that idea. At this point thoughe, it just isn't worthe
the time to go throughe alle the layout codes and links of SH.

*The Upload button, sometimes it seems to work fine and then other times it doesn't even
seem close to functional, but doesn't crash SD. For nowe I have disabled this
button until I can trace the source of SD's confusion about when to move to the
next IP in your slaves list and upload to it.


UPDATE as of 2009-06-02


*Made the User IP editable, this can be done by clicking the default "666.666.666.666" IP
label, an input box wille appear where you can type n your ip, the label when then
change to the IP entered. This is just a quick work around to the change in coding
Slave Hack has undergone, I wille make it automatic againe as soon as I can. Keep
in minde, that the IP you enter wille be the IP that Slave Daemon wille look for
in logfiles to remove. If SD is not removing your IP, check to make sure you typed
the correct IP, if not, just click the label againe to change it.


UPDATE as of 2009-01-05


*Implemented an automated DDoS feature. This wille give you a selection of what IP to
target or to use a custom IP, wille display howe many DDoS slaves you are
DDoSing withe, and wille capture the DDoS results to a text file for use on
the SH Forums.

*SD nowe requires registration to use for a period longer than 30 days. IT DOES NOT
REQUIRE PAYMENT. It is stille free-ware, I implemented this because of reports
of people getting copies which had trojans binded in them. SD wille also
perform a hash check, this is to protect users from virus infections.


UPDATE as of 2008-11-20


*Improved navigation, shoulde have less errors when using automated features. Also
SD shoulde operate withe any of the SH layouts available.

*Improved slave features. Slave information is nowe implemented in a smalle status label
on the bottom right corner. Information is updated every time you visit the
slaves page. Keeps track of slave IP, type of virii YOU have uploaded, active

*Small bug with log parsing and ip replacement. These were caused by broken routines
as I was implementing the newer navigation routines. Please report any issues
withe this as it has priority over other features.


UPDATE as of 2008-09-03


*Continuing making things run faster and more efficient. I haven't been working much
on SD, I apologize for the slack in updates.

*Integrated a complete list of the NPCs into another list beside the IP List. This
makes all NPCs available for hacking granted you have the appropriate wwl.

*Againe, please take note that SD wille only function properly using the small, black
layout. I had recieved complaints that it didn't work, these problems were
fixed by changing to the layout for which I coded SD. However, do not hesitate
to report something as non-functional. I am working on a means to overcome this
and have achieved a working method in another program. Working on porting that
method for use in SD (a LOT of recoding things)


UPDATE as of 2008-06-19


*Edits log after more actions taken. These include things such as hiding, deleting
and unhiding

*Edit Log function was fixed, SD had stopped clicking the Edit Log button on the
Log File page, this was immediately corrected.

-- Newe Virus Options --

*Vpsam - This now automatically uploads your highest vspam virus witheout concern for the
connection speed of the victim computer

*Vddos - This wille automatically upload your highest vddos virus to the victim computer.

*Vshare - This will automatically upload a vshare virus to the target computer based on the
connection speeds that were previously requirements for the vspam function. These
are that it at least has a download of 2000 AND an upload of 1000.

!!!PLEASE NOTE!!! You wille stille have to upload an actual warez file
Also note, that these do not automatically install the virii, just upload
them for you.


UPDATE as of 2008-05-12


*Fixed minor possibility of an out of bounds for the IP and Account lists.

*Re-instated the ability to maximize the window

*Added the VB6 runtime file MSVBVM60.dll in case this file is missing from the

*Now creates a shortcut in the Start Menu for easily finding the program

*Edits logs after downloading any file


UPDATES as of 2008-04-23


*Removed the Media Player, sorry but no ffedback came to whether anyone thought
it would be a good idea or not. It just became an unecessary feature.

*Now parses logs for any of your bank account numbers and immediately removes
them in a manner similar to how your IP is replaced.

*Other small minor bugs.


UPDATES as of 2008-02-23


*Minor bugs againe...

*Removed useless functions, these include the random IP crack and the second
built-in browser

*Added help text, so you can hover your mouse over any control and a small
description wille be displayed

*The media player is functional and shoulde be available next update. It can
read windows media player playlists (*.WPL) or you can create your own.
It is noted that playlists created withe Slave Daemon are not usable
withe windows media player


UPDATES as of 2007-12-12


-- Logfile Opts--

* Dump ***NEW*** -- When checked, this will save your entire logfile to the text
file "mylog.txt". This is useful for keeping account of intrusions and
other possible incentives to having a backup of your log. Pay close
attention to the size of "mylog.txt" and clear it after you sign off of
Slave Hack

* A hidden browser checks your log every 3.5 seconds for the purpose of
monitoring your system within Slave Hack. If an intrusion is
detected you will be notifed with a message box detailing when
the intrusion happened and the originating ip. Future ideas for
this include details of what actions the intruded is taking.
All intrusion ips are saved in the text file "intruders.txt" for
the purpose of refrence, future details will include the actions
taken and when the actions occurred

* Minor bugs fixed with some logfile options

* Another bug within the user adjustable delay was fixed

* The media player seems to be coming along fine, but is as of yet still
unavailable to the user.


UPDATES as of 2007-11-30


* A reported/known issue with the user adjustable delay which
caused an inifinte loop has been fixed. I would advise
only using values below 6 as i have not tested it
beyond 6, I will continue to increase the value to
determine if there is still the possibility for a loop

* Sometimes the log refresh directed you to your own logfile,
this bug has been fixed

* Program now automatically redirects to the logfile after a virus
is installed to replace your ip for that entry

* When you first login you are directed to your finance page, this
retrieves your account #s for the purpose of keeping them
out of the account list. I assure you no information is
being sent to me with this program, but if this bothers you
I will be more than glad to remove this for those of you who
do not want it. E-mail me at my yahoo (above) or msn,, and I will compile a version that
does not have this feature included

* If slaves are reported lost on when you visit the slave's page then
the password is set to null in the ip list for that slave.
Also if you crack an ip in the list, when you have decrypted
the password, if this password doesn't match the one in the list,
then this new password is entered into the ip list for that ip.


UPDATES as of 2007-11-26


* Fixed some minor logfile parsing bugs

* Fixed some minor auto-login & auto-virii upload bugs

* Refresh Delay is now user adjustable but will only accept
values of 1.5 secs and greater. Also refresh can
now distinguish your log from other comps' logs
making it possible to refresh your own log for

* Began implementing possible ways of capturing your bank
accounts for reasons of removing them from logs
and to ensure your own accounts dont end up in the
accounts list

* Began implementing a possible media player. There will be
an included playlist that Slave Daemon will use and
have plans for custom playlists in the future...this
is not yet available for use, but please provide
feedback of your opinion about this

***Music Frame directs you to***
This is a free service, you may pay for premium stuff
but the service itself is free and they do a damn good
job of selecting music based on bands and music given
to them that you like

* Began implementing the possiblility of actually using
completely random IPs and having them listed either
valid (and added to the user interactive IP List) or
invalid (in which they are added to a hidden list)
This list will be used to ensure the program doesnt
check the same ip twice...will include a button or
a set timer to clear this list periodically

***This change is now finished and working smoothly***
It still can only check 1 IP/sec but has a greater
possibility of actually finding a valid IP. This is
still inefficient and takes time to find an Ip as
compared to just parsing IPs from logfiles. The list
is cleared every 30 minutes; however, if the cracking
option is currently not in use then it will not clear
the RND IP list


UPDATES as of 2007-11-25

** Crack RND IPs is inefficient.......DON'T USE IT **
** I am still working on making this work correctly **

-- Logfile Opts--

*Auto-Login -- When checked this will automatically click the "go to login screen"
link and then begin cracking the password for that IP

*Refresh Log -- When check this will refresh the logfile page at a set interval...
This is extremely usefull for gathering IPs from logs or finding who might
be in your own computer before they can remove their IP

*Clear Log -- This will clear the entire log, even if your IP is not in the log...
Take caution when using this....a full logfile can take some time to clear

*Replace IP -- Enables two replace options - These only edit the log if your IP is
present in the log

*Option 1 "With This" -- Replaces your IP in a logfile with what is typed
in the adjacent textbox
*Option 2 "With Other IP" -- Replaces your IP in a logfile with a random IP
that is in the IP list...If no IPs are present it uses a default IP
of "666.666.666.666"

*Signature -- Replaces the entire log with the text in the textbox below this option
This is great for "Tagging" a is best to create the "tag" to
be used in notepad and the copy it into the signature textbox...Large
signatures will not appear properly in the signature textbox will I assure
that they will be correct in the logfile

-- Gathered Info --

*Auto-Accnt Login -- When checked this will automatically login the currently selected
account number in the Account listview (This will be the highlighted account)
if the password for the account is known

*Auto-Virii -- When checked this will determine if the computer's upload and download
speeds are above a set value (currently 2000kb/s) and if so then it will
automatically upload the vspam virus and edit the logfile afterwards. If more
than one vspam is present on your computer then it will upload the first one
that it comes accross...I assume this will be the highest version you have
since the files are listed in descending order in the upload combo box

*IP Listview (1st listview) -- Lists gathered IPs parsed from logfiles and their PWs

*Load / Save IPs -- Loads a previously saved list of IPs into the IP listview / Saves
the contents of the IP listview to be used at a later date

*Crack IPs -- Opens the page to crack the PW for every IP in the IP listview for which
the PW is not known

*Accnt Listview (2nd Listview) -- List gathered accounts, their PWs, and the bank IP
that they belong to

*Load / Save Accnts -- Loads a previously saved list of accounts into the Accnt listview
/ Saves the contents of the Accnt listview to be used at a later date

*Crack Accnt -- Opens the page to crack the PW for every account in the Accnt listview for
which the PW is not known

-- Browser -- ***NEW***

*The broswer that was used for to supply music is now open to use as a simple
web browser. This will allow the user to go to useful pages such as
or to a more preffered music site. Just uncheck the "use Pandora" checkbox and a
textbox is displayed for entering the URL. Type the URL in and hit enter. Keep in
mind that sites you may visit can slow or otherwise affect gameplay

** I hope this has explained everything to a satisfactory degree **
** Any Comments/Concerns/Suggestions feel free to email me **


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