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Eve-Pricer - ReadMe

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Eve-Pricer - ReadMe Empty Eve-Pricer - ReadMe

Post  Khristos on 2012-01-16, 4:43 pm

* Eve-Pricer is a simple tool to gather prices from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] *

The user interface (UI) is divided into three main sections : Categories, Market Items, and Contract Pricing.
Above these sections is the Market Scope, Refresh button, Clear button, and the Contract Price.

Categories :
Within the Categories section, is a hierarchal view of the item categories. This works in the manner manner
as the in-game Market Browser. Simply click the "+" next to a category to expand. Categories without a "+"
have no sub-categories and can be clicked to retrieve item price data, or are currently empty.

! Eve-Pricer will display a message "... Price Data Not Available" under two circumstances, you have clicked
a "parent" category or item data is not available for the selected category. This is due in part to the
method it checks for item data (I plan to alter this eventually so it will load ALL items under the "parent"
category) or I simply have not sorted the item data to be included in the item database. Please remain patient
if this is the case, as the Market in Eve is rather extensive. !

Market Items :
After a category with items has been selected, this list will populate with the items from that category and
their prices. Double-click a single item to add it to the Contract Pricing list.

Multiple items can be selected by holding the CTRL key and clicking the items to select each individually, or
by clicking an item, holding the shift key and clicking another item to select all items betwen the two. Once
all desired items are selected, press enter to add the selected items to the Contract PRicing list.

Contract Pricing :
Items added to the Contract Pricing list will quantity of the item (default is 1), the item name, unit price,
and a sub-total. Simply click the quantity next to an item to change it, once desired quantity has been typed,
press enter to calculate the sub-total.

Market Scope :
The Market Scope has two selectable options, the first being Universal/Regional price data, and the second being
Jita price data. For Universal/Regional price data, simply click the drop down list, and click "Universal" or
the desired Region. To retrieve Jita price data, simply check the box next to "Get Jita Median Price".

! After changing the Market Scope, Eve-Pricer wll refresh price data for any items in the Contract Pricing list
and the currently active Market Items list. !

Refresh Button :
Simply click this button to refresh price data for currently active Market Items list and for items in the
Contract Pricing list.

Clear Button :
Click to clear the Contract Pricing list.

Contract Price :
This is the current total of all items in the Contract Pricing list.


Eve-Pricer uses the eve-central api to retrieve market price data, so it is only as accurate as eve-central.
Certain lower volume items and remote regions may not have price data available. Please help improve [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]'s
price data accuracy, and conversely Eve-Pricer's price data accuracy, and visit [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to obtain the market
data dump and upload utility.


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